Trappers Crossing
Frequently Asked

What is Trappers Crossing?
Trappers Crossing is an exclusive 26 single family estate mountain home lot subdivision that has been meticulously planned to take into account the environment, views of the valley and mountains from each lot, owner's privacy and ease of access to open spaces. It is a development that steps "lightly on the land" preserving the pristine environment of the setting, which is located above Ogden Valley. Trappers Crossing's name is taken from the lands history. Trappers in the early 1800's crossed this area to arrive in the lush valley below. They trapped, hunted and started small farms in the valley below and enjoyed all that nature had to offer.

Where is Trappers Crossing?
Trappers Crossing is located on a gentle slopping hillside above the Ogden Valley in Northern Utah. Access from SLC and the SLC International Airport is by Interstate Highway and State Highways turning onto Old Trappers Loop Road. It's 50 minutes from the Salt Lake City and SLC International airport, 10 minutes to Snow Basin, A Sun Valley Resort, 15 minutes to Powder Mt., 15 minutes to Golf, 20 minutes to the Historic District of Ogden and 50 minutes to Park City. There is also a private airport nearby that accepts private jets and planes for ones convince.

What is my financial obligation as a buyer of a lot?
Currently, you would be responsible for a $10,000 reservation deposit for a single lot. This amount is fully refundable. Once the plot map is recorded with the county, the reservation holder will have 14 days to enter into a sales contract for the purchase of the lot. Upon the signing of a sales contract the purchaser would be responsible for a deposit of 5% of the purchase price. The reservation deposit would be included in the 5% deposit. At that point the purchaser would have 30 days to complete the transaction at which time all monies would be due and title to the property would be transferred to the new Owner.

When and what can I build?
Once the property has been transferred, the process for obtaining approval for construction may begin. First, building plans must be submitted to the ARC (Architectural Review Committee) for review. Once this step is completed and approval of the building plans are given by the ARC, a Building Permit from Weber County may be applied for. The ARC is responsible for reviewing all building and landscape designs. Approval must be given prior to the commencement of construction. These Guidelines are set forth for the benefit of all Trappers Crossing Owners. They are meant to ensure that all homes and landscaping are of the standards that all of us have come to expect at Trappers Crossing. These guidelines and others are available for your review through our website or by request.

What are the views, vegetation, and size of the lots at Trappers Crossing?
The views are absolutely incredible! To the southwest, lots have unbelievable views of Snowbasin Ski Resort, A Sun Valley Resort located on Mt. Ogden. To the northwest is Pineview Reservoir, the Wasatch-Cache National Forest and the town of Eden. To the north is Powder Mountain, home of the largest ski area in North America. To the East are more breath-taking views Northern Utah Mountains and national forest.

Lot sizes range from half-acre to 1.5 acres most averaging approximately three-quarters of an acre. The vegetation is low with varied heights of wild grasses and native shrubs and small trees.

How far is skiing? airport? boating? fishing?
Skiing: Snowbasin 10 minutes; Powder Mountain 15 minutes; Wolf Creek (Old Nordic Valley) 15 minutes.
Boating: To the Lake 3 minutes. To the dock 5 minutes. Picnic areas and park by the lake 3 minutes. To the River 2 minutes.
Golf: 15 minutes.
Mountain biking and hiking: Open your door.

What is the developer providing with the lot?
The developers are providing finished lots with utilities, paved roads with rolled curbs, enhanced common area landscapes and trail system throughout the development and dedicated open space.
Water: Stubbed to Lot
Power: Stubbed to Lot

Do I need to build within a certain time frame?
No, there is not time limit for building.

What is the open space and trail system?
As you enter the property off of highway 39, on to Old Trappers Loop road you will first encounter our agricultural preserve. This was intended to keep the area natural and preserved from development. It keeps a large buffer for the homes of Trappers Crossing from the rest of the world. This also provides an area for wildlife such as deer, moose, wild birds and other animals.

Our trail system starts here at the bottom of the property and winds through both the agricultural preserve and to the green belt areas that separate the two roads that extend off of Old Trappers Loop. The trails are designed for both hiking and biking. They connect at the top to Old Trappers Loop road beyond Trappers Crossing. Old Trappers Loop road at this point is a designated scenic hiking trail by the Weber Pathways. It enjoys outstanding views of the mountains, valley, and lake below along with opportunities to view wildlife in their natural environment.

Our green belts are designed to give separation and natural areas available to adjacent Lot Owners. It was our vision to design Trappers Crossing to best enhance everyone's views and to locate building sites that would best fit the environment with minimal disturbance.

  • - 26 Single-Family Lots
  • - ½ to 1¼ Acres
  • - Scenic Views of Snowbasin
  • - Overlooking Pineview Lake
  • - Miles of Surrounding Trails
  • - 60% Open Space
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